January 11, 2021

A healthy sleep is the first step to a happy & healthy life. Your sleeping cycle can directly affect mental  & physical wellness. One of the essential things to do for a healthy sleep is to keep your mattress neat & clean.

Here are 10 must to do things to take care of your mattress by SnozoeSleep UK:

Adjust Your Mattress Properly

It’s normal to have an adjustment period when you purchase anew mattress.  This can be anywhere from 1-4 weeks, until your body gets used to the new (and better) support system. Just give it time, and you’ll most likely love it!

If you’re finding this time extended more than a month, you may need to consider adjusting your mattress. You can change your mattress cover or to keep a couple of added cushions on it.

Rotate Your Mattress

Mattress foams and fibers wear over time, so make sure that you rotate your mattress.  Also along these lines, body impressions (slight depressions in the padding of the mattress) are totally normal, and do not make the bed defective.  This will happen regardless of the price that you pay for the mattress.  Just like your couch may have a rear end shaped depression where you always sit, or your shoes have compressed where your heel is, mattresses are not designed to be perfectly flat and fluffy forever.

Match Your Bed Frame With Your Mattress

When you purchase a new bed set up or a new mattress, always focus on your bed frame & purchase a matching mattress that can comfort your sleeping style. Never purchase a mattress bigger than your frame (not even slightly bigger). To maintain the quality of your mattress, it’s important to keep your mattress on the bed with sufficient support. This extends the life of your mattress & keeps it steady on the frame.

NEVER bend your mattress - I mean never!

Uh, don’t bend your mattress.  Don’t roll it, don’t fold it, don’t be stupid.  Enough said.

Change Your Mattress Cover Every 3 Months

It’s a wise thing to change your mattress cover. It helps you get rid of any bacterial infestations you may have due to constant use of your mattress. Changing the outer cover of the mattress is like a fresh start for it & it means a germ-free sleep for you and your family.

Let It Breath After You Unbox It

When you unbox your mattress, the materials are new, and have been sealed in the mattress bag plastic for at least a few days, maybe a few months.  Let it air out before putting on your mattress protector and sheets.

Use Air or Steam Vacuum Every Week

Protect your mattress. We recommend vacuuming it once a week, but if you have a dust mite proof mattress pad, you don’t really need to.  Do make sure that your protector is adequate, and that you’re not spilling things on the mattress.

Don’t Use Board

Stop putting a board between your mattress and foundation.
They are unnecessary and can do more harm than good for both your mattress and your back.

Use The Sheet That’s A Right Fit

Make sure your sheets fit your mattress well.  Don’t smash a pillow top into regular pocket sheets, and don’t put a thinner mattress into a 22″ fitted sheet.  There’s nothing better than a clean, crisp, well fitting sheet.

Keep The Tag On It

Don’t tear off the law tag.  If you ever have a warranty issue with the mattress, you MUST have the info on that tag.

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