April 12, 2019

These gadgets won’t change diapers, but they can be effective tools for exhausted new parents trying to get an infant to sleep through the night.


Getting a baby to sleep through the night is a new parent’s goal. Sometimes, tried-and-true tactics like swaddling will do the trick. On other nights, innovation is required. The good news is that the market for high-tech, sleep-promoting baby devices is growing by the day.

SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Developed by a pediatrician, this bassinet is quickly catching on in the baby market. It doesn’t come cheap—models start at over $1,000. But with womb-like rocking motions, a built-in white noise machine, and sensors that detect a baby crying that immediately deploy soothing sounds, this product is much in demand.

Baby Shusher

A parent’s soothing sounds—or “shushes”—are comforting to little ones. Now, there’s a device that does the shushing for you. The Baby Shusher is designed to imitate a parent’s reassuring sounds, as well as the blood flow and other noises your infant heard in utero. Its automatic timer shuts off after 15 or 30 minutes, hopefully long after baby is in dreamland. For parents on the go, download the Baby Shusher app and have all the soothing, sleep-inducing sounds on your smart phone, no matter where you and baby may be.

Galaxy Clock

Ease your little one’s fear of the dark with this alarm clock that does so much more than just tell time. Part nightlight, part white noise machine, and part music player, this innovative gadget projects colorful stars onto the ceiling, providing the perfect distraction for restless babies.

Nanit Plus

Wondering how your baby is doing in the nursery? Wish you could soothe her without having to leave the confines of your own bed? The Nanit Plus baby monitor is a smart, in-home system that allow parents an overhead view of their sleeping infant at all times, courtesy of small, mountable camera and smartphone app. A two-way communication system allows you to sing lullabies or whisper sweet nothings to your little one from different rooms, and a built-in nature soundtrack provides calming background noise when sleep is hard to come by.