May 28, 2021

Many of us find the task of setting up the most suitable bed a mysterious, potentially bewildering, process.

At SnoozeSleep, we understand that. So, here we’ve got you covered when it comes to smart solutions to your problems, from the best mattress size to how to set up your bedroom to accommodate a queen-sized mattress. By the end of this 3 min. read, you’ll have complete understanding of the art of creating the perfect snooze-inducing bed. Here’s what you need to know.


Which is the best couple bed?

A king size bed fulfills all the requirements for most of the couples. At 76” wide, it provides sufficient room for both, even when one of them is a restless sleeper. Allowing to have more than 3 ft of space width-wise per person, a king mattress also provides room in the middle for spooners and sharing the bed with pets and kids. Depending on the size of your bedroom, a queen size is your next best deal. If your bedroom is smaller, go for a double mattress.

The bigger the better is the way to go, but remember you’ll need enough space between the wall and bed (approx. 2ft) so you can get out of your bed without taking out your knees


Is a double bed the same size as a full bed?

We know, it's confusing. It's clearer when just one term is used, but a double-size bed is the same as a full bed – 54” wide by 75” long. In case you’re curious, just 14% of UK couples sleep on a full/double mattress, according to research data from Statista. Queen is the most popular at 47%.

How to reset your bedroom for a queen-size mattress?

Kind of, but not exactly. Two regular twin mattresses together “almost” make a king-size mattress – with a shortfall of 5” in length. But, if you try two XL twin beds, you’ll equal the area (both width and length) of a standard king mattress. And why, you may ask, would one want to put two XL twins together to make a king?

If your bed partner is a restless sleeper, you’ll be spared some of that annoying motion transfer that can diminish sleep quality. The bonus: You enjoy togetherness time in one bed. Two twin XL mattresses can also be a good choice in a spare bedroom that’s used by singles and couples.


Difference between a twin and twin XL mattress

Here’s a bit more information related to the question above. A regular twin-sized mattress measures 39” by 75”. A twin XL is 39” by 80”. For tall folks, that extra 5” in length makes a significant difference in terms of comfort.


Select the better between a king mattress & a queen mattress

A queen mattress is 60” by 80”. A standard king is 76” by 80”. Because a king mattress is wider, it’s best for couples who need extra room to spread out. A queen mattress might be perfect for you if you enjoy cuddling and need the extra easement space in your bedroom. If economics are an issue, a queen mattress will often be less than a king mattress – the decision maker for many people.

Last but not the least, you got to select what your wife says. No matter how much analysis you do. Ultimately, you know who decides! ;)

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