April 16, 2019

If you’re hosting your in-laws or a college buddy, a comfortable sleeping space will help them feel at home.

Helping out-of-town guests feel welcome and relaxed is the goal of any host. To prepare for overnighters, start by giving your guest room a mini-makeover. These simple upgrades can turn a spare space into a welcoming, sleep-ready retreat—and help visitors feel right at home.

A Comfy Bed

Whether you have the budget for a brand new mattress, or you’re pulling out a sleeper sofa in a multipurpose room, a neatly made bed can go a long way to making sure the space looks—and feels—cozy. Instead of piecing together cast-off sheets and pillows, invest in a nice matching set of linens, a comforter with a washable duvet cover, and several new pillows of different firmness so guests can choose the right one for their sleeping style.

Blackout Curtains

Just like in your own room, being able to shut out street lights and an early sunrise will help your guests get the sleep they need, so they can wake up rested. Ideally, you should mount the curtain rods high and wide around your windows for maximum light blockage. (Plus, it will make your windows look larger.)

Convenient Lighting

To avoid your guests fumbling for light switches in a dark, unfamiliar space, make sure you offer a bedside lamp that they can switch off from under the covers. If multiple guests will be sharing the room, leave a small LED reading light on the bedside table in case one person wants to read a few more pages when the other is ready to turn in. While you’re at it, consider providing some reading material, too: Novels, magazines, and even a tourist brochure for your hometown are great options.

Luggage Rack

It’s easier to relax in a tidy space. A folding suitcase stand, door hooks, and an empty dresser will give your guests a place to put their things away, which helps to reduce clutter and make the room feel more spacious and relaxing.

The Right Electronics

An alarm clock and a spot to charge a cell phone can help guests settle in. If your house is prone to noisy plumbing or radiator sounds, you might also consider offering a white noise machine or a CD player (with a few soothing CDs to choose from) to help mask the clanging.

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