Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Big gains in online sales and brand awareness are made through clever and targeted marketing strategies.

Aimed at getting large volume and quality traffic to your site. If you’re not optimising for your Google positions, you’re simply not competing.

The analogy is, you’re either on the high street or down a side street.

To achieve long term, stable results you must drive the right kind of traffic to your website. We optimise campaigns from two perspectives:
on-site and off-site.

On-site attracts visitors and ensures Google can read your website and understand what each page is about and representing. Offsite allows us to seed valuable content to authoritative, relevant websites, increasing the overall authority of your site within search engines.

These are important markers on which Google bases the trust factor of your website and indexes your site accordingly, above or below your competitors.

We work with our clients to understand their business today, and where they want to position themselves in the future.

1. Strategy & Analysis Competitors Bench marking

2. Content Marketing

3. On-site & Mobile Optimisation

4. Social Media Integration

5.Link Building & Link Management



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What is SEO

SEO is the process of optimising your website in order to gain visibility on search engines, like Google. We do this to build site authority and relevance for your visitors by enhancing your onsite content, link building and by undertaking keyword research.


What is link building?

Link building is creating a network of websites linking to your website in order to boost its relevance and authority for your targeted keywords.


What is keyword research?

By identifying the most common search terms people use to find your business, we can optimise your website to ensure you get the best search result (rankings) possible. The higher your rankings, the more likely you are to make more conversions.


Do I need to have content?

By producing regular, high quality content that is optimised for your keywords and industry, you can attract new visitors to your website, boost your relevance, authority and engage with potential customers.


What is Paid Traffic?

Paid traffic comes from paid for adverts (Pay per Click) and sponsored content on search engines and other websites.


What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is the visitors that come to your website from search engines based on the quality and relevance of your website. This is determined by Google search algorithms.


At Snooze Media we offer the following packages at the moment, if you would like tailor package get in contact with us to discuss your needs.

Basic Package

  • On-Page SEO
  • 400 Google Map Citations
  • 75 Business Listings
  • 50 Backlinks Per Month
  • 1 Blog Creation Per Month
  • 10 Quora Posts Per Month
  • 10 Graphic Design To Share On Social Media & Other Platform Per Month
  • 1 DA20+ DoFollow Link Per Month
Standard Package
  • On-Page SEO
  • 400 Google Map Citations
  • 75 Business Listings
  • 100 Backlinks Per Month
  • 2 Blog Creation Per Month
  • 20 Quora Posts Per Month
  • 10 Graphic Design To Share On Social Media & Other Platform Per Month
  • 1 DA20+ DoFollow Link Per Month

For contact and queries regarding SEO please contact