Chenille Swatch


What is Chenille?

Well, chenille refers to a type of yarn, which when woven, results in a fabric also known as chenille. It’s a French term for ‘caterpillar’ because of its resemblance to a furry caterpillar. Soft to the touch and durable, chenille can be used for a multitude of fabric requirements, ranging from clothing to upholstery.


What is Chenille made of?

Chenille yarn is primarily produced using cotton but use of acrylic, rayon, wool, silk and olefin is also fairly common. The chenille fabric made of 100% cotton is used to make shawls, blankets, throws, garments and other things owing to its incredible softness which is always desirable when making products that will be in close contact with the skin.


How is Chenille made?

The method of manufacturing Chenille now is very different from when it was first produced in the 18thcentury. Chenille is made by placing short lengths of yarn between two “core yarns” and then twisting the yarn together. The wrapped yarns are cut to produce a pile effect. The edges of these piles then stand at right angles to the yarn’s core, adding to chenille’s softness. 

As the fibres catch light at different angles, chenille can appear iridescent even though no iridescent fibres are used.

Advantages of Chenille

  • Soft to the touch
  • Has a good drape
  • Slight sheen
  • Thick and durable
  • Water absorbent
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Retains heat
  • Multi-use fabric

Disadvantages of Chenille

  • Fussier to maintain
  • Prone to stretching and distortion

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